Tree Care

Tree & Stump Removal

It’s time to get rid of those unappealing stumps in your yard and improve your home’s curb appeal. At Cevet Tree Care we provide you with quality stump removal services. Our knowledgeable staff and top of the line equipment gets the job done in the most efficient manner possible.


In addition to stump removal, Cevet Tree Care also offers top-notch tree removal services. Whether your trees are dying, dead, or diseased, we are here to offer our expertise. Trees may also need to be removed due to crowding, lack of space, damage, or a requirement by new construction. When your trees are past the point of help, our well-trained crew knows how to effectively and efficiently remove the tree at a reasonable cost.

Tree Trimming

Removing dead or hazardous limbs is just as necessary as removing limbs that endanger power lines or buildings. Each tree has its own needs, from the time of year that is best for trimming, to the method used to do so. Our educated and experienced professionals have the proper equipment and knowledge to get the job done right.

Whether your trees need a cosmetic shape up or a health related trimming, our staff will tailor our tree services to fit your needs. Our services include:

  • Cleaning
    • We will selectively remove dead, diseased, or broken branches. Not only will this boost the health of your tree, but it will also prevent any damages or injuries from falling limbs.
  • Thinning
    • Thinning consists of reducing the density of the branches, both dead and alive. This service is most beneficial for trees that allow little to no sunlight to penetrate their canopy, or if they could present a potential hazard during storms due to high wind resistance.
  • Raise
    • Raising results in trimming branches to provide a higher clearance level. This more practical service is best for sidewalk or road clearance or to help visibility.
  • Reduction
    • Reduction is a more specialized service and only works for certain species of trees. It is often done to improve form and structural ability.


Despite popular belief, pruning your trees will likely cost you less in the long run than if you simply ignore them. There are many different ways trees can be pruned, depending on the tree, its condition, its maturity, and other seasonal limitations. Our certified arborists provide quality service that will improve the structure, health, and overall appearance of your trees.


Pruning improves the health of a tree by removing dead, diseased, and dying limbs. Doing this will enhance branch structure and prevent potential hazards. Conducting this service will result in longer living trees and will help prevent damage in the future. Cevet Tree Care arborists practice safe and responsible tree pruning by following the guides set by the International Society of Arboriculture, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your tree care. Our goal is to leave your tree looking and feeling better than ever before.